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Introduction Update

Blee Beauty’s mission is to improve the way our customers interact with cosmetics by giving them complete control. The market is bigger and more diverse than ever before, but many of the big issues remain the same. People still have trouble finding the shades they want, much less at an affordable cost. We started with a simple idea: makeup, an essential part of countless people’s lives, shouldn’t be a problem. Nobody should feel like they can’t achieve the look they want or limit themselves with which products are available. Finally, we decided to do something about it!

With our patent-pending Blee Beauty device, we can help you customize the exact shades of your favorite products from home at an affordable price. You won’t need to struggle finding the color you need, and you won’t have to settle for “close enough”. Just put our base product pods in the device, select your product type, and choose your color! Within minutes, you’ll have your own custom-colored cosmetic product made just for you. We want to create a platform that allows our users to channel their creative energies and create anything they can imagine. Makeup is meant to build confidence, bring people together, and stimulate our imaginations. We believe the Blee Beauty device will do just that!

Travis Floyd

Travis Floyd

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