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11/07/18 – Device Reveal Update

Our patent-pending Beauty by Me device gives people a unique opportunity to truly take control of how they look. You can get the exact shade of makeup you want right when you want it by following a few simple steps. Start by inserting a white base product into the machine. This is where the colors you pick will end up going. Next, choose what kind of cosmetic product you want to make. After this, the customization begins. To select a color, just open the Blee app and use our color wheel! The app sends that shade right to your device, which then mixes the product and delivers it right to you! Customizing and saving palettes is another super useful feature we’ve found in the Blee. You can name and save colors you might want to use again, and you can even send them to your friends! The sharing our device allows between friends helps people discover terrific shades and combos they never even knew they wanted! What we want to do here at Blee is help people conveniently get creative with their makeup. We think our device will help people do just that, and we can’t wait to hear from you!
Travis Floyd

Travis Floyd

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