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Undertones Update

Foundation has been called the “Spanx of the face”, so how can something so important be impossible to get right? Finding a product that matches my shade, has the correct undertones, and doesn’t cost a fortune has always been way harder than it should be. What looks great under the lighting of a makeup counter or in stores may come out as two different shades on my neck and face — if it hasn’t oxidized! And that’s only if I’m lucky enough to find a shade similar to mine! I know companies have tried to expand their shade ranges, but for many of us, these changes haven’t solved the problem of matching our specific undertones. If we’re lucky enough to find a matching shade, we usually don’t have control over the feel or wear of the foundation. Using the Blee Beauty app to customize undertones for my shade makes me feel like I finally have control over my makeup. I can match my gold undertones and my red cheeks without having to worry about settling for the closest shade or forcing myself to go foundation-free. This device takes the stress out of finding the makeup I want because I have a hand in making it myself. Nobody knows me better than I do! I never imagined what a relief it would be never having to worry about the wrong finish, shade, or formula again!
Travis Floyd

Travis Floyd

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