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The First At-Home Custom Cosmetics Device!


Nail Polish

Lip Gloss

Ever feel like companies are throwing shade by not having your shade on their shelves? Have you ever realized that you needed a bold lip color or nail polish, just not ANY of the ones you have? Don’t jeopardize your slay by sacrificing your shade.

With Beauty by Me, you can create any shade imaginable and compliment your unique undertones. We are the first countertop cosmetic device that allows you to instantly customize liquid foundation, lipgloss, and nail polish in the comfort of your home. Using our device is as easy as snapping a photo, matching your skin tone, and customizing dozens of makeup products instantly. With Blee, you can truly say it’s #beautybyme.

App – Tap – Snap – Slay!


App! Download our easy to use app and connect your phone to your #beautybyme device


Snap! Pair your smartphone camera with our app to perfectly match your undertones and shade, capture colors around you, or recreate looks from your favorite influencers


Tap! Choose a  product to create, put the base product pod in place, and be amazed as the device customizes the base product to any shade you select


Slay! Rock your unique products and use #beautybyme for a chance to be featured on our Instagram account

Our Promise.

Our vegan, cruelty-free products use the same high-quality ingredients you already know and love— while offering complete customizability. With the touch of a button, you can customize dozens of cosmetic products with the feel, finish, and wear of your choice. We guarantee you’ll love our lightwear, long-lasting foundation formulas that perfectly match you.


Partner With Your Favorite Brands

Beauty by Me wants to partner with your favorite brands, so we can supply you with formulas you already love. Because our device does not alter the formula of products, customizing products from the brands you already love can become a reality! Tag us with the hashtag #beautybyme to let us know which makeup brands or influencers you’d like us to partner with!

More Than A Number.

“With Beauty by Me, I’m more than a  shade number on a shelf.” – Liz, MUA

Finding your perfect shade shouldn’t be a struggle. The days of compromising on a “close enough” match are over. Express yourself by capturing colors that inspire you from your surroundings or use our in-app Color Studio to create any shade imaginable. With the Beauty By Me device, your shade will always be stocked on the shelf that matters most – yours!

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